Dear Aspirants,

​Are you:​

·       Passionate about reading Market related information? or

·       Good in summarizing market related information? or

·       Enjoy carrying out in-depth analysis about Industrial products?

​If your answer is positive for any of the above, then please be positive and register your details with us. Your details will be kept confidential.

​You could be a part of Mr-PCS extended network, playing a role of mentee-mentor for our organization.

Our extended team members are part-time employees offering perfect blend of experienced and fresher incumbents.

​Experienced employees bring maturity with direction, and freshers offer an unbiased opinion with unmatched momentum, which brings simple and sensible story for every curious listener.

​Experienced employees act as a mentor and provide coaching for the freshers who become mentee. In reality, both contribute, learn and earn equally.

​Our selection process is simple and all you need to do is to get the unbeatable score for the report which you will prepare based on Mr-PCS guidelines.

​You are free to work as per your time and expected to complete the report within specific duration of time. If you are selected to work on Insights report, you get 40% for every report purchased by the Users.


·       Market ReCap Report Price: $ 200

·       Reports Sold: 100

·       Mr-PCS Revenue: $ 20,000

·       Your Commissions: 40% = $ 8,000

​If you are keen to work with us, please share below details at

·       Your Name:

·       Your Company / College Name:

·       LinkedIn Profile link:

·       Indicate your Passion: Market related Report or Product related report.

·       Products Known:  (example: Turbine, Generators, Panels, Circuit breakers, etc.)

·       CV detailing your experience

Best Regards,

Mr-PCS Business Pointers Recruitment Team.